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October 25, 2002

No Blood For Oil!
by Critical Mass Phoenix

"We don't burn oil, we don't burn gas;
we burn the lard right from our ass!"

As President Bush prepares to declare war for oil, money and greed, local cyclists are gearing up to ride in opposition.

Sunday, October 27, several local cyclists are planning to ride downtown as Bush makes another stop to the valley to promote Republican candidates for the upcoming election. The message? "We don't need no stinking war!"

Critical Mass started in the Bay Area in the early 1990's as a way to create spaces in our urban lifestyles free of cars. As the Critical Mass movement grew in San Francisco, other cities started doing the same with independent rides occuring in metropolitan areas all over the globe.

As sprawl affects our urban areas, we become more and more dependant on cars as a mode of transportation. Critical Mass creates a movement that questions our need for cars, instead promoting modes of transport non-reliant on fossil fuels such as bicycles.

Join Critical Mass at 3pm on Sunday, October 27 at Park Central Mall (North of Thomas on Central).

For more information, email: