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ride journal :: 04/25/03

The Phoenix Critical Mass may have actually achieved a critical mass. At least, the cops know not to mess with us anymore. We were given "permission" to take a whole lane, riding two abreast, or risk getting a ticket. Hopefully we'll be able to keep following the rules once we have 100 riders...

We had lots of support from motorists on this ride. At least, I think it was support since one of us was wearing a "Honk if You Like Bikes Sign" and we got lots of honks!

It was also our first ride with left turns. We started out going north on Central, then turned left onto Camelback, and left again onto 7th Ave. Those turns were pulled off without a hitch, but there was some confusion as to whether we could legally turn left back onto Thomas. At that point, the ride became, dare I say it, total anarchy. But we regrouped and had a nice leisurely ride back to the parking lot.

We had a few newcomers on this ride and a guy came up to us in the parking lot asking how he can get involved, but we clearly need to do a better job with outreach. So print out fliers and take them to any places where there are cyclists. And don't forget the signs and costumes next month!!